• Heat Wave 2021 January Virtual Audition


How do auditions work?

This season, Heat Wave will hold virtual auditions before meeting in-person, hopefully after the indoor guard season. To download your free audition packet, go to to register for section specific materials. Once downloaded, you will be instructed to register for a virtual audition opportunity to submit a video and receive live feedback from a member of our educational team. After you receive your feedback, you may be offered membership in Heat Wave and accept specific performance contracts as they become available.

Is there a deadline to audition?

Auditions will be held until all positions are filled. All positions are available except drum major. Auditions are reviewed monthly and feedback sessions scheduled during our virtual audition events (similar to a typical winter/spring schedule).

I was contracted for 2020, do I need to audition again?

As promised, contracted 2020 members are guaranteed membership in 2021. We do expect these members to participate in the virtual events and assignments (including submitting a video audition) for placement within the ensemble. All payments from 2020 apply to 2021 so there is no additional registration cost to 2020 members (a coupon code will be sent to 2020 members for free registration - if you did not receive one please reach out to us at

When will in person events start?

With the current uncertainty, it is difficult to predict. Heat Wave is preparing to resume in person events in spring 2021 following the conclusion of the winter guard/percussion season if we can do so safely.

What will the program be for 2021?

Heat Wave is committed to performing during the 2021 season. Drum Corps International (DCI) has not yet released their summer schedule but we expect additional clarification by the end of January. Outside of the DCI tour, Heat Wave is scheduling local educational and performance opportunities. While we begin auditioning members for our 2021 program, members will not incur any financial obligations until our program is defined. Your audition is to earn a commitment from Heat Wave to offer a spot in our programs and specific performance contracts will be offered to members once they are available.

What if I live far away?

Heat Wave holds in-person events in Florida before the national tour. Most members live in Florida, but we have had members from across the US and Europe. If you live far away, you can coordinate with the staff to complete virtual assignments instead of in-person rehearsal camps until the beginning of the summer program.


Fill out the pdf below and bring the signed copy with you to your first in person camp. If you're under 18, make sure you have a parent/guardian sign it in all the correct places. You won't be able to participate in any Heat Wave rehearsals or events without this paperwork filled out and on file!

2021 Applicant Forms

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