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2022 Auditions - December
Dec 11, 8:00 AM
Forest High School

Fill out the Member Info Form below and bring the signed copy with you to your first in person camp. If you're under 18, make sure you have a parent/guardian sign it in all the correct places. You won't be able to participate in any Heat Wave rehearsals or events without this paperwork filled out and on file! The COVID-19 Health Screening form must be filled out and brought with you to each Heat Wave event.


COVID-19 Health Screening

Member Info Form


How do auditions work?

Go to www.heat-wave.org/signup to sign up for our membership interest list and receive information for our audition requirements and events. Once audition events are announced, you will be able to pay your audition fee and register for a specific audition event or to submit a video audition. At your audition event, you may be offered membership in Heat Wave and accept specific performance contracts as they become available.

Is there a deadline to audition?

Auditions will be held until all positions are filled. Heat Wave does not guarantee positions for returning members so each position is available to be filled through the audition process each year. Any video auditions will be reviewed by the next audition event and feedback will be sent to the member by email.

What will the program be for 2022?

We are working with DCI to finalize our program schedule for 2022. We anticipate holding a few weeks of move ins in June/July and a tour of the southeast US in July before finishing our summer at the DCI Southeastern Championships in Atlanta, GA. Keep an eye on https://www.heat-wave.org/calendar​ for our full schedule once available

What if I live far away?

Heat Wave holds in-person events in Florida before the national tour. Most members live in Florida, but we have had members from across the US and Europe. If you live far away, you can coordinate with the staff to complete virtual assignments instead of in-person rehearsal camps until the beginning of the summer program.

What does it cost?

The cost to audition for 2021 is only $50. Membership fees for 2022 are expected to be approximately $2,500. The $50 audition fee covers your participation in all Heat Wave auditions until you are offered a contract. Once offered a contract, you must either make all payments per the schedule or pay a $150 camp fee which will count toward your membership fees once you accept the contract offer. All audition and camp fee payments are nonrefundable.