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Use the form below to RSVP for our upcoming camp!

Heat Wave 2024 Full Corps Camp

10AM to 5PM Saturday, June 8

Bishop Moore HS

3901 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804


  • $25 (for first-time auditionees)

  • Students with contracts are expected to have their first installment. This helps cover the cost of instruction, meals, and facilities.

Prior to the weekend, you will be expected to turn in:

  1. Audition Registration

  • Audition Registration is required for anyone attending a Heat Wave event for the first time.​ Click here to complete your registration before completing your RSVP.

    2. RSVP

  • Even if you are not planning to attend, please rsvp so we can keep you up-to-date for future events. This also allows staff know you are still interested. An RSVP should be submitted each month by all members who plan to march.


     3. Member Info/Medical Form

  • This provides permission to participate. Any student 17 or younger must have a guardian signature to participate. The medical form only needs to be submitted once per year, unless your information changes.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothes for rehearsal (no jeans)

  • Tennis shoes (no high tops)

  • Binder with plastic sheets for music and handouts

  • Water bottle - Heat Wave branded one gallon jug will be provided before the summer

  • Sleeping bag/air mattress, pillow, blanket

  • Toiletry items

  • Towel


  • Sticks/mallets


  • Mouthpiece

  • Gloves

  • Valve oil/slide grease

Color Guard:

  • Please bring your own equipment as corps equipment will be limited!

Membership Contracts:

All positions in the corps are open to begin the audition season. Those who have previously been offered a contract are expected to submit their contract to let us know if you are moving forward with the corps. If this is your first camp, you will receive one of the following:

1) an offer of membership, 2) a callback for a second event, or 3) a suggestion to come back again next year. Most will receive a callback to a second rehearsal, so please plan accordingly. Attend early and often for your best chance at a position.

Schedule Conflicts:

Camp attendance is critical for everyone. If you cannot attend a rehearsal but are planning to attend an upcoming audition, you must communicate in advance with the corps office and caption head. Attending part of the weekend is better than not attending at all!



Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the weekend. Their support is a vital for any drum corps success and needed to give the kids an incredible experience. Also, this is the best way for to find out about our program, meet other parents, and get comfortable with drum corps.

Parents cook and serve meals throughout the weekend, coordinate sewing projects, and assist with repair work or construction projects. We always have things to do for anyone willing to lend a hand! Parents are welcome to stay overnight in designated rooms with sleeping bags and air mattresses. However, if you are not quite ready to “rough it,” there are hotels close to the area. Auditioning students are expected to stay with the group overnight.


Parents are encouraged to sign up on the Heat Wave Parent/Volunteer Facebook Group and as well as the email distribution list.

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