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2020 Caption Head Announcement

Heat Wave is excited to announce the Program Director and Caption Heads for the 2020 season!

Stathis Linardos will serve as the Program Director for 2020.

The Caption Heads will be:

Joe Galvin - Brass

Allie Davison - Colorguard

Martin McHale - Battery

Nick Gigante - Front Ensemble

Jonathan Hall - Visual

"Heat Wave is excited to announce our 2020 Program Director and Caption Head staff” said Jeff Carstensen, Heat Wave Executive Director. “Stathis, our Program Director, has been with the corps since the beginning, and I can’t wait to get to work with him as we lead this corps to a bright future! The Caption Heads are a great mix of new and familiar faces with a wide range of experience that will help Heat Wave and all of our individual performers grow to new heights in 2020 and beyond!”

Check out what our Program Director has to say about all of our Caption Heads below!

Joe has been a member of the brass team since the 2018 season. I have known Joe since our time together in the USF trumpet studio. When Joe joined the team he quickly became an indispensable part of the team. Joe understands the culture of the brass section and will be able to continue the growth that we have experienced over the last five years. I have great faith in Joe’s leadership abilities and look forward to the direction that he will take with the Heat Wave Brass in 2020

Allie has been one of our most consistent parts of the education team. Since joining the guard staff in 2016 Allie has been able to see our growth from the beginnings of the drum corps. I am excited to have Allie and his team back for another season. Allie’s experience working with a wide variety of groups throughout his teaching career is a strong asset that makes him an important part in both the design and education teams. Allie is a well rounded educator and I am thankful that he has chosen to be a part of the corps for the 2020 season.

Martin joined the battery team in 2019 as a tenor technician. As the season progressed, Martin stood out as a strong member of the battery education team. One of his most impressive qualities that comes to the table is Martin’s diverse resume. Martin works with a diverse collection of ensembles in addition to stepping into his new role with the corps. Bringing many successes from his other teaching experiences made him a great addition to our team. I am excited to see what he does with the 2020 battery.

Nick was a very exciting addition to the team. I know Nick from the time we both spent at USF together, however, since that time Nick has gone on to create quite a reputation for himself. Between spending time with a handful of world class organizations, performing with broadway musical tours, and getting his Master’s from NYU, Nick was an easy addition to the percussion team as the Front Ensemble Caption Head. Nick brings a great energy to the group and has plenty of experience teaching and arranging for the groups he has worked with in the past. I am excited for Nick to begin his time with Heat Wave this season.

Jonathan has experience as a designer, director, and clinician. All of his previous experience is going to be a huge help in leading the visual program in 2020. Holding degrees from Missouri State and Auburn University in Music Education as well as spending 10 years as a band director, it is more than apparent that Jonathan values and understands the importance of coordinating different teaching styles. I am looking forward to bringing his experience to Heat Wave and taking our Visual package to a new level.

Check out for more information about all of our new and returning staff members!

Interested in joining Heat Wave for the 2020 season? Go to to sign up and get your free audition packet today!


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