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January Camp INFO

January 2023

Our December Audition will be held at Interlachen Junior/Senior High in Interlachen, FL on JANUARY 13-15. Participants will be staying overnight at the First Baptist Church of Interlachen (115 N County Road 315, Interlachen, FL 32148). Click here for a Google map to the facility. New students are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Registration and unloading of equipment will begin at 7:00 PM. We will conclude at 1:00 PM on Sunday. Participants who must arrive outside the check in period should email or call the corps at 813-609-2831 for specific instructions on where to go when they arrive.

The cost to audition is $50. This helps cover the cost of instruction, practice & overnight facilities, as well as food. For those with signed contacts, the cost is included in your summer fees. IF YOU HAVE ANY FOOD NEEDS/ALERGIES, please email right away.

Camp Paperwork

Prior to camp, you will be expected to turn in:

RSVP - Even if you are not planning to attend, please submit an RSVP so we can keep you up-to-date for future announcements. This also lets staff know you are still interested. An RSVP should be submitted each month by all students who plan to march.

Member Info/Medical Form - This provides permission to participate. Any student 17 or younger must have a parent/guardian signature to participate. The medical form only needs to be submitted once per year, unless your information changes. Click here to download the member info/medical form.

Ride Share - If you need help finding a ride to camp, please notify us ASAP by email at You can also help fellow members by offering a ride in your vehicle through the Heat Wave Group Interest page. On your RSVP, please let us know if you have extra room or if you cannot find a ride.

Parking And School Entrance

Parking is available at the school. Use the main parking lot at the front of the school, as shown on the map below. From there, follow the Heat Wave signs to the check in/registration station.

What To Bring

Students stay overnight at the Interlachen Baptist Church just across the street. We will sleep on the floor, as you will during tour. Bring a change of clothes, towel, sleeping bag and pillow, comfortable clothes for rehearsal (no jeans), tennis shoes (no high tops) and shower supplies (Don’t forget you towel!). Many students will bring an inflatable mattress with a battery-powered air pump. Please, no cots, as they can scratch the surface of the floor. Bring a binder with plastic sleeves for your music and any handouts. Don't forget to bring a water bottle!

Brass: Bring your own mouthpiece, marching instrument, music stand, binder for music, and gloves. If you have absolutely no access to an instrument and need one provided, let us know Be prepared to play the exercises and excerpts provided in the brass packet that best fits your area of interest. We will evaluate you individually, and as a part of the ensemble.

Percussion: Bring your own sticks and/or mallets and a practice pad. A stand for your pad is beneficial if you have one available. We will provide all other instruments for camps. Prospective members should be familiar with the exercise packet that best fits your area of interest. Front ensemble students are expected to perform a short segment of a personal selection for the individual audition. We will evaluate all percussion students individually, and as a part of the group.

Membership Contracts

All positions in the corps are open to begin the audition season. A number of contracts have already been determined based on audition videos and previous camps. Following the weekend, you will receive 1) an offer of membership, 2) a callback for a second event, or 3) a suggestion to come back again next year. Attend early and attend often for your best chance at a position.

Schedule Conflicts

Camp attendance is critical for everyone. If you cannot attend a rehearsal but are planning to attend an upcoming audition, you must communicate in advance with the corps office and caption head. Attending part of the weekend is better than not attending at all.


An informal informational meeting for parents will be held Sunday at Noon before dismissal. Meet the staff and volunteers who will be such an integral part of your student’s life. If you arrive at a random time throughout the weekend, the white food trailer or registration table are great places to start with questions anytime you visit or to find out where you can help.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the weekend. There support is a vital for any drum corps success and needed to give the kids an incredible experience. Also, this is the best way for to find out about our program, meet other parents, and get comfortable with drum corps.

Parents cook and serve meals throughout the weekend, coordinate sewing projects, and assist with repair work or construction projects. We always have things to do for anyone willing to lend a hand!

Parents are welcome to stay overnight in designated rooms with sleeping bags and air mattresses. However, if you are not quite ready to “rough it”, there are hotels close to the area. Auditioning students are expected to stay with the group overnight.

Parents are encouraged to sign up on the Heat Wave Parent/Volunteer Facebook Group and as well as the email distribution list.

Facebook Groups

Join our Facebook groups for your area of interest! These pages will help you meet other members prior to auditions and clarify questions you may have.


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